The All-Star Game is today?

So I get into my truck after work today and turn on the radio to a sports station.  During the news break I’m shocked to learn that the MLB All-Star game is today!!! 

How can something which I once looked forward to since spring training sneak up on me like this?  I remember in the days of my childhood, back when I could tell you what everyone was hitting and what pitcher had the most wins at any given time, I would count the days until the mid-summer classic.  Those were the days of Canseco, Strawberry, Gooden, and Bo Jackson. 

All this forgetfulness despite the fact that the Astros’ staff is coaching the game.  Back in the day, before every team was guaranteed an All-star spot, I would hope that an Astro would make it into the game.  I would have given anything to see the Astros’ manager (Hal Lanier) coach the Nation All-Stars, which means of course the Astros winning the NL Pennant.  Something that eluded them for 45+ years…

Now, I simply forget that the game is on.  I couldn’t tell you who has the most wins and who’s leading the league in home runs… All I know now is that Brad Lidge’s head is still a mess from that Pujols HR last October…


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