A Very Bluesy Final

Well the World Cup is almost over, I can’t believe a month has gone by since Germany v. Costa Rica.

France v. Italy, Italy v. France, Gaul v. Rome, Rome v. Gaul. 2 teams left standing, 2 teams who not very many, outside their respective followings, thought would be here. Though history would predict that these 2 had a shot.

This is what is so great/not so great about the World Cup. No matter how much of a stir up-and-coming teams create, at the end of the tournament it always seems to be 2 traditional powers. Very similar to Duke and UCLA or UNC or Kentucky seemingly always ending up in the final 4, no matter how many Cinderella runs DeVryes and ITT make.

There is just that first tier of teams that are above and beyond the rest, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina. The rest can be divvied up into a 2nd tier. The second tier consists of teams always on the cusp, on the verge of taking the next step (this term is relative depending on the team): here we’ll find Spain, England, Mexico, Netherlands. Then we have everyone else.

This matchup seems to be very even. Both sides have the tournament’s best actors, Fabio Grosso and Thierry Henry. These talented thespians used their talent to create plays that led to their teams moving on.

I will admit to a slight partiality towards the French (wow, I didn’t know pigs could fly) due to this being Zinedine Zidane’s last game. French or not, Zizou is a great player and will go down as one of the greats, always playing with class and dignity, something which has yet to rub off on his teammate Thierry Henry.

Prediction: France wins on a penalty kick awarded as a result of an Henry dive at the expense of Grosso (Australia laughs).


One Response to A Very Bluesy Final

  1. Eddie says:

    Wow. Your vitriolic statements against Thierry Henry have me confused. Do we watch the same player? No class or dignity? A thespian?

    What have I missed with Henry?

  2. Lazaro says:

    I don’t think I have ever denied the man’s talents on the pitch… Vitriolic? I don’t think I went that far…

    I’m not sure what you missed but there was that play against Spain, where Henry and Puyol where going after a loose ball and next thing you know Henry is on the floor acting like Puyol punched him… I taped that game and saw the replay and there was no contact made between any part of Puyol’s body and Henry’s face. This play alone convinces me that Mr. Henry is a fine actor (thespian).

    No class because if he to lied/cheated (by faking injury) to affect the outcome of the game… think Barry Bonds and steroids…

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