Where’s futbol, Mr. Clancy?

“Human motivation is also a thing of the mind, and fear has never been the strongest emotion. Throughout history, people have risked their lives for love, for patriotism, for principle, and for God far more often than fear has made them run away. Upon that fact depends progress.” — Tom Clancy

I am currently reading the book this quote came from, “Executive Orders.” Mr. Clancy forgot one important thing people risk and even lose their lives for: World Cup Soccer.

No, I’m not crazy, 2 people in Somalia were killed for watching World Cup Soccer in defiance of local Islamic law, which forbids any TV viewing (In a survey, this would probably be the #1 reason not to convert to Islam).

Click here to read the story.


2 Responses to Where’s futbol, Mr. Clancy?

  1. khattab says:

    it’s a shame that you would read into what people misinterpret and call islam and then force on people, no where in islam does it say that we can’t “watch soccer” it might even be encouraged as we are allowed to “have fun”. with all due respect to you and I mean that you my brother in humanity should never judge a religion based on people, islam is a religion of reason and rationality with the quran being a living miracle and the only guidance left unchanged for mankind islam is an answer for all of us. just research miracles of quran etc… and youll find interesting info

  2. Lazaro says:

    Thank you for your comment. I don’t judge Islam based on people. I measure Islam by the One I measure all other beliefs, Jesus Christ. He is God but Muslims don’t accept that so therefore they worship a false god.

    Islam might be ‘an answer’ (it’s not) but Jesus is THE answer.

    A religion of ‘reason’ doesn’t take the testimony of one man (Mohammed) and accepts it blindly. Islam and Mormonism have that one thing in common, both were founded by men who claimed that an angel gave them special revelation. Yet they were the only ones who received, kind of makes one wonder…

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