Forza Azzurre?

Well well well, the Italians have done the seemingly impossible. They accomplished what their Latin American cousins, the Argentines, could not do. They wore down a tough, tough German team and drove a stake through the hearts of Germany in the waning moments of overtime.

One of the nominees for Actor of they Year, Fabio Grosso, led the charge as he scored the go-ahead goal with 2 minutes left in the 2nd overtime. I have to give him props, it was a beautiful goal. It seems to me that ze Germans were playing for the tie, in order to go into a shootout. This should be a lesson to teams that play for ties, don’t do it. It’s like in american football, prevent defense prevents you from winning.

I didn’t know Steve Nash was Italy’s goalie, he was awesome stopping a couple of seemingly unstoppable shots. Nash goes from being NBA MVP to one of the best goalies in the world, what an athlete…

How do you say “impenetrable wall” in Italian? Gianluigi Buffon!

I will refrain from making any more predictions for the ones I have made have been terribly off the mark…

Props to the Mexican ref who proved his quality by not being a deciding factor in an important game (see the Italy-Australia game for the inverse.)


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