Somewhere, Eric Cantona is laughing

Most of us have seen the Nike futbol ads on TV, the whole “Joga Bonito” (roughly means, play beautifully in Portugese) theme.  The shaggy, bearded fellow is a Frenchman footballer (retired) named Eric Cantona.  Several players from different countries are highlighted in these commercials but the ones who get the most praise are the Brazilians, and some would say rightfully so. 

All the hype, all the ads, the best players that $512 million dollars can buy all add up to what?  An early exit from the World Cup at the hand of the French, the FRENCH!!!!!  How a team with that much talent can not only lose (that’s forgivable) but play so atrociously (unforgivable) is beyond comprehension.  This is like the Red Sox beating the Yankees in a best of 7 after being down 0-3, oh wait… actually it’s far worse…

After witnessing Brazil’s total collapse during today’s match i realized some things.  Ronaldinho turned into the Invisible Man during this World Cup.  It doesn’t matter how many times you can bounce a soccer ball off the cross bar, if you can’t come up big in the biggest stage then it’s for naught.  If you can’t create scoring opportunities for the world’s best players, it doesn’t matter how many Champion Cups you win with Barca,.  Your 1 on 1 skills are irrelevant unless you can use them to lead a high octane attack like Brazil has. 

As for the French, I really have no praise for them (they are French…) due to Henry’s propensity for faking serious injuries.  Players should be fined for blatant flops, possibly even suspended.  This Henry is a sensei when it comes to doing this, he could give lessons to Vlade Divac and Manu Ginobili and the entire Argentina team.

All the French did today was give Germany the World Cup so the ze Germans should send them some flowers to show their gratitude, though of course the French would surrender at the sight of said flowers…

Germany over Portugal in a laugher…


2 Responses to Somewhere, Eric Cantona is laughing

  1. kaimac says:

    >> It doesn’t matter how many times you can bounce a soccer ball off the cross bar, if you can’t come up big in the biggest stage then it’s for naught.

    You do know he won the World Cup last time round, right?


  2. Lazaro says:

    Being consistent is the mark of a transcedent player… It’s almost like he along with the rest of his mates believed the hype

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