Ricardo the Lionhearted

Ok so the game wasn’t a shots-on-goal fest, but nothing says cardiac arrest better than penalty shots in the World Cup.  Goycochea stopping the Italians’ shots back in ’90 left an indelible mark in my mind when it comes to goalie’s heroics (Jorge Campos is at the other end of the spectrum).

Rooney’s immaturity hurt his team and I hope he knows it so he doesn’t repeat history in 2010.  I thought him and Cristiano Ronaldo were mates at Man U, guess not by the way Rooney shoved Ronaldo.  Crouch, in my opinion, is nothing more than a sideshow.  Yeah so he’s 6’8″ but Miguel outjumps him to get to the ball?  I shouldn’t say since I haven’t seen any of his games with Liverpool but is he good or is he on the team merely because he’s 6’8″?

On to the man in the title… how ’bout Portugal keeper, Ricardo?  He stopped 3 English pentalty kicks.  I think he, in my mind, has superseded Goycochea in the pantheon of clutch goalies.  He bailed out his teammates who missed a couple, awesome performance by Ricardo the Lionhearted.


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