Vamos, Vamos Argentina…

This is the chant sung by Argentines in support of their team.  It roughly means, “let’s go, let’s go Argentina…”

They’re going allright, just not to the semifinals, but home.  I don’t wish agony on any of them but I’m glad the Germans won, after all they are the better team, are they not?  Besides who wants to watch the Arg’s brand of soccer?  Some of the flops I saw today were an insult to pros like Thierry Henry and Claudio Caniggia…  Manu Ginobili must have taken lessons from his soccer playing compatriots.

How ’bout Sean Penn scoring the equalizer for Germany?  That was awesome, I knew Spicoli would make something of himself…

As for the other game, I’m beginning to think that it was not the Germans who have the Faustian agreement (regardless of Goethe’s nationality) but the Italians.  They advance thanks to a phantom penalty call only to face the weakest quarterfinalist in the field.  What’s really funny is that the ref who made the call in their favor in the Australia game is Spanish. 

The ref who fell for Henry’s antics against Spain was Italian.  So the Spanish ref does the Italians a favor and how does the Italian ref pay ‘La Furia’ back?  by calling a phantom foul on Puyol to set up the play that led to France’s go-head goal, oh the irony…

As for the Flying Ukes, the dream, my dream is gone… My hopes for a Portugal-Ukraine ‘gran final’ have been dashed on the rocks of reality. 


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