Prophetic Dogma

I’m currently reading “The Bible Jesus Read” by Philip Yancey.  The book is about, what the title suggests, the Old Testament.  Mr. Yancey explores Job, Deuteronomy, the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and the Prophets and encourages the reader to rethink the typical attitude towards “The Bible Jesus Read.”

Being a writer of renown, Mr. Yancey makes several good points in this piece.  He points something out in the Prophets chapter that I had never really thought about before.  Oftentimes, Christians (mainly evangelicals) are obsessed with tying current events with verses in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the 12 ‘minor’ Prophets (not to mention Revelation, though this one is found in the NT).  Soon after my conversion I was obsessed with prophecy and how these books tied in with modern goings-on.

The point which Yancey makes is a like a bucket of cold water on the fire of trying to guess Prophets’ writings.  How accurate were the Jews in their prediction of Messiah?  Except for a few of them, they had Messiah within their midst and they rejected Him, a rejection which continues 2000 years later.  This was a sobering realization for me.  Whole doctrines have been developed around raptures, the nationality of antichrist, the identity of the 7 churches in Revelation, the Great Tribulation.  I would encourage those obsessed with prophecy and set on their interpretations to think about how the Jews thought they had Messiah’s mission and purpose down pat, yet be sadly mistaken about who He really Is.


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