Ghana no gana

Well, they were optimistic about their chances against Brazil, but Ghana’s hopes hit the hard wall that is reality as they succumbed to ‘seleção’, 3-0.

Throughout the match the Ghanians appeared to be putting more effort into it than the Brazilians were.  They certainly seemed to have more opportunities around the penalty area.  The South Americans showed why they’re the champs by capitalizing on their opportunities.

Is it just me or are the Brazilians starting to become the “late 90’s New York Yankees” of soccer?  Yes let’s all bow down to their greatness, but can anyone else please win this thing?  I think it’d rather see ze Germans win it, even with their somewhat mechanical and robotic approach to the ‘beautiful game.’  Maybe someone who hasn’t won it, like Portugal or Spain.  May the best team other than Brazil win it.


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