Au Revoir, Furia

Once again, Spain misses out on reaching the semis in a World Cup.  This time the French end “La Furia” s dream of advancing at least to the next round.  It is inexplicable how Spain can have arguably the world’s best Club league yet notoriously fall short in the World Cup.  What I’m starting to wonder is if this misfortune was handed down to Mexico, a country founded by the Spanish.  Like a generational curse kind of deal, hmm I don’t know…

Not that it makes much of a difference since the winner of this match will be Brazil’s next victim so enjoy it while it lasts Frenchies (that was cool how Zidane put the exclamation point on the match, beautiful goal.)

I would like to congratulate Thierry Henry on his magnificent performance on the foul that set up the winning goal.  Henry fell down clutching his face when replays showed that the Spanish defender, Puyol, went nowhere near the Frenchman’s face.  I think Thierry’s flop was more blatant than Grosso’s yesterday.  This incessant flopping is one of the many reasons people are turned off by soccer here in the states. 


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