Boy did the Aussies ever get hosed on that penalty call.  It was a good game until the Spanish ref blew that call in the box.

As for Fabio Grosso (the guy who got 'fouled' in the box), I haven't seen an Italian give such a rousing performance since Roberto Benigni.  The Academy should just give Grosso the award for best foreign film right now.

I like how the guy's name is Fabio, it almost prompts the requisite joke.  Forget "I can't belive it's not butter," I can't believe the ref called that a foul. 


One Response to Infamia!

  1. olorinsledge says:

    “And the Academy Award for Most Spectacular Dive In The 2006 World Cup goes to… Fabio Grosso!!!”

    Referring had been ok up until that point. Materazzi could feel hard done by for his red card, that on replay didn’t look like a send off.

    Oh well – c’est la vie.

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