O Andres, where art thou?

This World Cup, like past ones, I have tuned in to Univision to watch the games.  They are the only station here in the States which are broadcasting all the games (save for a few marquee matchups like Iran v. Angola on their sister station, Telefutura).

The "Goooool" guy who garnered fame back in the '94 Cup, Andres Cantor is no longer with Univision.  He works with Telemundo (Uni's main competition) and is calling Cup games on the radio. 

From what I understand he, along with Jesse Losada (Uni's long standing main sports guy) left the station because the station wanted to go with Fernando Fiore, who's currently THE boss in Univision Sports right now, though he's not calling any games.

Is it just me or has Fiore turned Univision Sports into a joke?  Fiore has more entertainer in him instead of sports director (as evidenced by the Hooters-like atmosphere of their pre-game, scantily clad females and all).  The #1 team on Uni right now is allright, though the play by play guy is hilarious, but he's no Andres Cantor and his gol call is pathetic ("Gooooooooolazo, azo, azo, azo").

So here's hoping that Telemundo gets the rights for South Africa 2010 so that we can hear Mr. Cantor on the Cup airwaves again, and Losada's tactful commentary.  Goooooooooool! 

2 Responses to O Andres, where art thou?

  1. lisa says:

    Yeah, friends of mine watching the game have switched the TV sound to MUTE while listening to Cantor on the radio.

  2. Hup Oranje Hup says:

    ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC have been carrying all of the games in English. I have watched a few games on Univision because the passion in the voices of the announcers makes the game much more enjoyable than the dribble that comes out of some of the English speaking announcers. I know just a few words in Spanish and so have no idea what they are saying, but it is great fun to hear someone who sounds interested in the game.

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