Ghana gana otra vez

They've done it again, 'the Black Stars' took care of their business against a hapless US team and thus move into the round of 16 with their debuting heads held high.

Granted, they will go up against Brazil (pending this afternoon's game) and be the sacrificial victim at the altar of "Joga Bonito." Then again who knows they might shock the world and take Brazil out thereby doing ze Germans a huge favor.

Speaking of favors, how about Italy handing the US a pass into the round of 16 (by beating the Czechs) and the US just blowing the opportunity? I won't critique Team USA too much due to Mexico's poor performance but guys, you can't beat Ghana to stay alive? Arena might be on his way out due not to the early exit but the way the team played.

Team USA,

So you don't press to start the match, but you wait to do so until after Ghana has scored? Where is the sense of urgency? You had to win this game to advance, a tie did nothing yet you come out acting like you had to protect a lead, incredible.

So long Bruce, you and Steve Sampson can ride off into the sunset. What is Bora Milutinovic doing nowadays?


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