Staggering into the round of 16

El Tri advances into the next round despite losing 2-1 to Portugal.  I suppose as a Mexican I should be happy that the team is advancing to the next round.  The feeling is bittersweet because I know that if they play the way they're playing now, they will be stomped by either the Argentines or the Dutch in the next round.

The fact that el Tri had to depend on a 75th minute goal by Iran to advance speaks of the ineptitude of the team.  I have never rooted that hard for Iran in anything, and I don't think I will ever do so again but this day I must thank them for bailing out el Tri.

It seems to me that el Tri doesn't have that great forward that has a nose for the goal.  Luis Hernandez was that guy in '98, Borghetti was the guy in '02 but who's the guy in '06?  Bravo would be the guy but he missed a penalty kick against Portugal.  Then my hopes shifted to Kikin Fonseca who did score the lone goal against Portugal, but he has yet to show that killer instinct that a Hernandez or even an Hermosillo had (we'll leave Zague out of the discussion since he was a no-show in '94).

We'll find out who the tri's opponent will be in the next round, I'll say it's Argentina, who are looking pretty good and traditionally have always been tough against el Tri.    

2 Responses to Staggering into the round of 16

  1. kena says:

    that missed penalty was beyond painful. stabbing myself in the eye seems blissful…
    i cant imagine they’ll beat argentina. damn argentines play dirty.

  2. Lazaro says:

    when it was decided that Omarcito was going to kick the penalty kick I immediately told my co-worker he was going to miss. After all the poor kid had a rough game and his mind wasn’t into it, so what does he do? He launches it over the crossbar… A better choice would have been el “Kaiser de Michoacan,” but then again they’re not paying me to make those decisions…

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