Sliding Poles

Well, it seems that the Poles will be the first to have an early exit from the Cup. After Germany, once again, showed that they reached a Faustian agreement with the devil by scoring in stoppage time.

I first had my suspicions in the '86 World Cup, which took place in my native Mexico. Mexico reached the quarters in that tournament only to lose at the hands of ze Germans. Mexico should have won that game but they didn't because the winning goal was nullified by the ref. The only plausible explanation was that ze Germans had taken the Faustian route and made some sort of deal.

My suspicions were aroused in '98 when they fell behind Mexico only to score in the waning moments of the match to win and advance to the quarters. I finally reached a decision when they beat the US in '02 by one goal when the whole game it seemed that the US would win the match.

So in light of all this, I'm changing my prediction, Mexico will not win the Cup but ze Germans will. Hard not to when you've made a deal with the prince of this world.


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