Now starting at striker, Allen Iverson…

I was listening to ESPN Radio yesterday morning and they were, surprisingly enough, discussing the debacle that for the moment is Team USA. The topic of discussion was the apparent size mismatch between the Czech players and the US players and how that led to the Czech domination of the match.

Someone brought up an interesting point. US soccer could be world-class, even better than the Brazilians or the Germans or for the time being the Czechs. How? By getting this country's best athletes into soccer at an early age. Can you imagine if you got say a T.O. (sans attitude) as a child and molded him into say a forward? Or someone like Iverson, with sick quicks, to play striker? Then you could get someone like first pick Mario Williams (6'7 295 lbs. to play defender). The possibilites are endless and within a generation the USA could field a team that would be better than anything that's out there now.

I was trying to think of some current American athletes and plugging them into a soccer Dream team (assuming they were put into soccer at an early age.) The one that jumped out the most was someone like a Jason Kidd (with great vision) as the midfielder that creates opportunities for lightning quick strikers like Iverson and T.O. Even better, would be a Kevin Garnett as goalie…


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