World Wide Suicide

This column by Gene Edward Veith of World Magazine, contrasts sporting events in America and in Europe. The topic is relevant because of the World Cup that just kicked off 30 minutes ago in Germany.

He highlights the hooliganism that is prevalent at soccer matches in peace-loving and tolerant Europe. Another thing I was shocked to learn was the blatant racism that exists in such a diverse and open-minded society as the Old World prides itself on being. After all Americans are viewed as narrow-minded and stuck on stupid for clinging to a belief in God.

In the column , Veith talks about the infusion of African players into European soccer leagues. They're greeted at European stadiums with the following (according to Veith):

"To distract these players, fans from opposing teams often taunt them with racist chants, throw peanuts at them, and make monkey noises, as if blacks were subhuman."

Can anyone imagine what would happen here in the US if similar scenarios were played out at our sporting events? You'd have Jesse Jackson and his merry band of demagogues demanding apologies and slave reparations left and right. Not so in Europe apparently.
So let us pray for a safe World Cup free from hooliganism and violence. I still say Mexico takes it…


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