Riot Act

The saga continues, Ann Coulter v. the senators from the Great State of New York. Following the junior senator's righteous example, the honorable Charles Schumer (D-NY) read the riot act to Ms. Coulter.

In a ringing endorsement for the 1st Amendment, Schumer suggested that Coulter "keep her mouth shut." Nothing like threatened censorship to help fuel book sales, hey Chuckles?

I'm sure Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank.

Click here for the Schumer quote. 


2 Responses to Riot Act

  1. kena says:

    seiously, do you really like that steaming pile of human waste or are you just testing me? i know you like to play devil's advocate from time to time and delight in getting me worked up for nothing, but damn it …

  2. Lazaro says:

    Kena, you really should not refer to one of our elected leaders in that way. I will not stand for great men, like the good Senator, to be slandered with such words! Senator Schumer is only protecting our rights by trying to stifle someone else's, and a woman at that, what would NOW think?

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