Has the best player on a soccer team always had the number 10? or did that start with Pele?  I've always been curious…   

Well it's that time again.  Yes, World Cup time.  I'm still bitter about the USA beating Mexico in the last one.  It wasn't the defeat that irked me but rather the way in which my countrymen acted after being outplayed and therefore, beaten.  

The better team (USA) won that match but did the Mexican players take it like men?  No, they resorted to cheap shots and chronic whining instead of focusing their energies on trying to tie the game.  

Enough history, after looking at the Germany '06 bracket, there exists a possibility that these 2 will meet again.  The US would have to beat Brazil for it to happen but it could happen.  Call me a homer, but I'll pick Mexico to win its first World Cup.


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