Hot off the Press

Here is an excerpt from Ann Coulter's latest book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. You might remember her other books, Treason, Slander, and moonbatty university professors' favorite, How to talk to a Liberal (if you must).

I know, I know, Ms. Coulter has the propensity of coming across as arrogant, aggressive and sometimes downright crass. Who are we to judge her quick wit and hard-hitting rhetoric? Who died and made us judge, hey posties?

She does make some points about liberalism being a religion, which it is even though its adherents will never fess up to it, after all they're not 'religious.'

For those of you who enjoy reading 'reactionary drivel', enjoy…


3 Responses to Hot off the Press

  1. kena says:

    I'm not even going to bother with the rest, but excuse me, "muslims' predilection for violence"?! Are you f*****g kidding me!?!

    this woman is a bloody moron. I would point to the several lonstanding "Lord's armies" in Africa but she'd probably blame the violence on their being African. Or maybe the conquest of the America's that claimed millions of indian lives because they refused to covert? Or better yet, the thousands of women that went up in flames for practicing "witchcraft" or mating with Satan. And of course, everyone's favorite: the crusades, or is it the inquisition?

    Why doensnt she talk about israeli's propensity for violence? Why are the suicide bombers blowing themselves up? Is it only because they're crazy, or could it be because they live like animals in a cage, their ancestral lands are have been turned in to settlement condos and they are harassed everywhere they go?

    Merely because they have no nation's flag underwhich to declare war, the "terrorists" are no more terroristic in their actions than any other nation-state. The U.S. continually bombed Iraq in the 90's without any sort of declaration of war. Is this terrorism? No, it strategerie.

    The only reason people even listen to Anne Coulter is because she's the right's T&A. The woman presents no knowledgable analysis, she is but one more talking head.

  2. Lazaro says:

    wow… while I had a general idea that you would abhor whatever 'reactionary drivel' Coulter spits out, your reaction to her column was astounding…

    Kena v. Coulter, cage match, only on pay-per-view…

    I know, she does seem to have a bone to pick with the 'religion of peace.'

    seriously a debate b/w you and Coulter would be awesome, I'd pay money to see it… The best part would be you making her apologize for the Crusades, the Inquistion, the Salem witch trials, anti-Semitism by the Church, and the most offensive thing of all, the cross of Christ Himself…

  3. Lazaro says:

    Regarding the ‘ancestral land,’ isn’t that the whole point? One faction says it’s Ismael’s whereas the other says it’s Isaac’s…

    it amazes me that this whole situation has its roots that far back…

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