A Correlation between Crime and Broken Homes? C’mon now…

Chuck Colson's column discusses ramifications of the re-definition of marriage.  His work with prisoners, among other things, has shaped his view of why marriage (man/woman, c'mon what other type does the definition of the word encompass?) is worth defining by law.


5 Responses to A Correlation between Crime and Broken Homes? C’mon now…

  1. kena says:

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that an explosion in the prison population doesn’t necessarily correlate with an explosion in crime?
    i am not saying that it is a planned massive conspiracy. All i am saying is that patterns in society are dictated by certain morays…

    let me quote the 13th ammendment:
    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except asa punishment for crime where of the party shalll have been duly convicted, shall exist within teh U.S. or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    the first explosion happened in 1968, the economic crisis the country was experiencing, Nixon claimed was because of a moral lacking as a result of Blacks dependency on welfare. So welfare was cut. It was a simultaneous retraction of the welfare state and a criminalization of Black Politics that created the Prison Industrial complex as we know it. The working classes, instead of receiving aid for education, were criminalized and put to work within Prisons. People were in fear of violent crime even though it was decreasing. Drugs were criminalized. 5 g of crack gave you a 5 year minimum while it took 500 g of coke to give you the same. Instead of ruling actual rehabilitation, they were put behind bars.
    Before 68, there were less than 200,000 inmates nation wide.
    Currently, there are 2 million in prison. 51% are Black even though they represent in the general popuation only 13%.
    Prisoners work roughly 10 hours for $0.49. Now, as my proff would say, What’s the difference between 49 cents and slavery? 49 cents. Now, knowing you, porque ya te conosco, you might say, well, they’re in prison! might as well put them to work! To that I say, Even assuming that everyone in prison is indeed guilty, no one is so low as to warrant being worked as a virtual slave. I know that you have that image of prisoners living it up, but try to go past your preconceptions and imagine for a minute, if you got pulled over and 1oz of pot was “discovered” in your car. (It has happened time and time again) Its very likely you’d do some time. its your word against theirs. Lets say you got let of easy, 1 year in county jail. That’s still one year that you dont get to spend with your family.
    Now imagine how much easier it would be to be criminalized if you were a cholo, a Black man.
    But, i digress.
    You are now welcome to respond with some reactionary drivel.

  2. Lazaro says:

    reactionary drivel… hilarious

    you're right there is a conspiracy…. you see Chuck Colson was Nixon's Karl Rove … He must have advised Nixon to cut welfare (and therefore increase the prison population) so in the future after he got out of prison for the the Watergate stuff, and he became born-again while in prison, he could start a ministry and aid the poor criminals that he'd help put there(by advising Nixon to cut welfare, of course)… How blind of me not to see the connection…

    I havent been to prison so I can't really know for sure if they're living it up or not, I'd have to ask Chuck since he's spent some time there… I don't know about who's guilty or not, but once you've committed a felony and been convicted by a jury of 12 you have lost your freedom and thus are liable to whatever sentence the judge gives you, that is prison… unless you're under 5'1" then you'll only get probation…

  3. Lazaro says:

    My question would be ‘what am I doing with 1oz. of pot in my car when I know what could happen if I get pulled over?’

  4. kena says:

    drugs have a way of getting planted on people. you might say i’m crazy, but its true. one of my ex-roomates got pulled over for running a yellow light. somehow pot rolled up in a yellow legal pad sheet was produced when the car was searched. not my friend’s. the charges were eventually dropped b/c this friend had the resources to have a good lawyer. but it does happen, more often than you’d like to believe.

    as far as committing felonies…pretty soon, aiding illegal immigrants in anyway will be a felony offense. so i wouldnt look too harshly at felons.
    and its not just felonies, class A and B misdemeanors too. Do you think a heroin addict thrown in jail for a few years is much better when he gets out again? The idea of actual rehabilitation has been completely taken out of the equation. Destructive drug uses pose a problem to society at large, i’m sure you agree with that, so how does it make sense to toss them in jail with nary a though to how much more f*cked up they’ll be when they get out again?

  5. Lazaro says:

    You didn't tell me you had a professional athlete for a roommate. When they get pulled over, they always claim that the dope isn't theirs. The examples are too numerous to cite…

    Kena please… pretty soon aiding ill. immigrants will be a felony? What kind of Congress do you think we have in this country? They wouldn't dream of passing that kind of law… Granted, if it was up to the citizens that law would pass with flying colors, but the people in D.C. have way too much to lose by passing a law like that… Big business would never allow them to pass a law like that, they want immigrants so they don't have to pay them a decent wage…

    Destructive drug use… there's a loaded phrase, and who determines what 'destructive' is? I'm all for rehab while in prison, as a matter of fact I think Chuck Colson has this little organization that tries to do that, but since it's 'faith-based' it's usually not taken seriously…

    Speaking of Chuckles, you have really made me think about this conspiracy of his… Tells Nixon to cut welfare, therefore drug use goes up and more people go to the clink… He gets caught with his hands in the watergate cookie jar and goes to the slam… While in there, he's born again and when he gets out he starts a prison ministry, now that is planning ahead my dear… All financial advisors should study this man's life!

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