I’m with Steven Curtis Chapman…

Like the aforementioned singer/songwriter, I am speechless, unlike him it's for a different reason.  Much talk has been devoted to the decisions of some judges in this the land of judicial activism.  I really don't care to devote any time to the numerous examples of judges gone wild with their decisions. 

That being said the sentence being reported on here, has to be one of the craziest things I've ever heard (Ron's history lesson in Dazed and Confused still tops the list.)

Basically a vertically-challenged (5'1") man of 50 years was convicted by a jury of the sexual assault of a 12-year old girl.  Under normal circumstances such a felon is sentenced to a lengthy stay in a penitentiary.  I'm told that this particular type of criminal is not looked upon with great compassion by the general prison population, hey even convicted murderers and thieves have some lines they don't cross.

The judge didn't give him any prison time, why?  Because he's too short and thus would be in grave danger while in the tank.  Are you freakin' serious?  Instead this 'victim of genetics' was given 10 years probation.  What about the girl he molested?  What kind of message does this send to diminutive pedophiles? 

"Come to Cheyenne County in Nebraska where you won't do any time for doing the indefensible!!!" 

This judge should be sent to prison herself for her 'concern' for an individual that earned a one way ticket to prison as soon as he touched that little girl.  I wonder if the judge would be so lenient if her own child were molested by this man?

Of course this moonbatty judge's decision raises a myriad of questions.  According to the news brief, the judge worried that this man would be "especially imperiled by prison dangers."  Oh you mean sodomy?  I thought sodomy was cool and there was nothing wrong with it.  Who are we to judge prisoners propensity for this mode of diversion?  Are they not entitled to their happiness too?  Judge, with your sentence you have deprived some folks of them having their way with this man, how dare you impose your beliefs on them?  Where is our sanity going?  


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