Heracles, Atalanta, Jason, Ricky…

What do these 4 people have in common? They're all Argonauts.  The last is one in the modern sense, as in a member of the Toronto Argonauts, that city's Canadian Football League franchise.

How far has Ricky fallen?  I was there at Texas when he was having NCAA rushing records for breakfast.  I was at the game where he broke the NCAA rushing record with a 60 yard touchdown run in which he ran past and over the Texas A&M 'wrecking crew.'  I remember telling my friends that one day we'd be able to tell our kids that we went to school with and sometimes even caught glimpses of the great Ricky Williams while trolling the UT campus.  Well I have a son now and I don't think Rick will come up in conversation, perhaps only as a cautionary tale. 

I really don't have to chronicle Williams' fall since others have done it far better than I could have.  I will say this, I wish him the best and hope that he can overcome the barriers he has set for himself despite having the world at his feet. 


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