God is whatever we want Him to be

The title of this post is the the title of the first chapter of a certain book, which I am currently reading.  In said chapter, the author (who for the moment shall remain nameless) makes the following observation:

"I believe in God" is perhaps one of the most meaningless statements we can make today.

When I first read this sentence my immediate reaction was one of shock and anger (?) towards this author for his 'irreverence.'  In the succeeding 2 seconds, in which I 'forgave' the author for his 'irreverence,' his line started to make more and more sense.  Is there a more meaningless statement that can be made?  Well one does come to mind, try the following:

"It's not you, it's me"

Staying with the same topic, how about this one:

"I still love you, but I'm not in love with you" (whatever that means)


Then there's my personal favorites:

"Intolerance will not be tolerated"


"There is absolutely no such thing as absolute truth"

But I digress (by the way if anyone has any similar anecdotes, please feel free to share)…


Seriously though, how worthless is the statement "I believe in God?"  Which God?  God or god?  Is your God different than Sally's God, or Joe Sixpack's God?  The God that forbids you eat swine and demands your attention 5 times a day or the God that demands circumcision?  The God that believes cows are sacred or the God that doesn't care, or both?  The God who once had a wife or the God that won't let you get a blood transfusion?   The God that is cosmic energy or the God of Kurt Cobain?  The God that forbids you from eating meat on certain Fridays or the God who's never responsible for natural disasters?  The God who only believes in heaven or the God who only believes in hell?  The God of the ying or the God of the yang?   a male God or a female God?  Here's the one that's really 'going to bake your noodle' (shameless Matrix reference), do you believe in God or do you believe God?

The phenomenon that is customization (aka, my way, just like you like it, just for you et al) has in our postmodern culture reached the Almighty.  You can have your God custom made just to fit your needs since that is who the universe revolves around.  What did Copernicus and Kepler know, after all?  Everything revolves around you, God wouldn't have it any other way, or would He?


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