Hope Depot

This is my ode to unrealistic Home Depot commercials.  There are 2 which I have seen, there might be more but I might not watch enough TV to have seen them.  These commercials are smart from their end because it probably inspires homeowners to get off their couch and go hit the local Home Depot.

The first one is a young woman who has just moved into a sorry excuse for a big city apartment.  The opening shot shows the girl entering her new digs with all her possessions (read: a shoulder bag and her laptop.)  It would have been more dramatic if they just would have given her a stick with a bandana tied to it.  It's apparent that she's going to have to visit the local Home Depot.  Where she found one in the middle of a bustling metropolis I have no idea but she goes and she talks to some Olympian who matches her paints.  So then we get the gratuitous shots of her rolling some paint and laying down some rug and before we know it, she's living in a posh bachelorette pad decked out in art deco.

Next commercial.  The newlyweds whose honeymoon flight was cancelled.  So upon learning of this predicament they need something to do for the next 2 weeks.  They walk out to the backyard and survey a desolate wasteland that is half the size of a football field.  So guess what? they go to Home Depot where another Olympian gives them a graduate course in landscaping.  So before the 2 weeks are out they have rebuilt the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in their backyard right next to that weatherproof deck that they managed to sneak in. 

So here's to you Home Depot and your brilliant marketing


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