Atlantis, Cibola, The Back…

What do these 3 places have in common?  They all exist in the vivid imaginations of those seeking their wildest desires.  We learned about Atlantis from the Ancient Greeks (if I'm not mistaken), and about Cibola from the Spanish conquistadores who were tricked by the Natives into believing this myth.  Well we know who got the last laugh [insert your rage here, aztlanites].

I would like to talk about a more mythical place than Atlantis or Cibola.  It exists in the imagination of all who have gone to a store or the mall and have not found the specific item that they have been searching for.  Yes you wanted those Air Jordans in blue but they only have red, so what do you ask of  the hapless guy in the ref uniform?

"Do you have any in the back?" 

This legendary locale is not limited to Foot Locker but also to bookstores, department stores and even grocery stores.  No one is allowed into this land of plenty where you can find that large print eggplant Bible, or that size 9 double wide baby blue Air Jordans.  People, the back as you think exists, doesn't.  Like the clerk will tell you, everything we got is out here.  That platinum Gamecube is gone, all they got is the purple one and the back won't fix your fixation on the platinum one. 


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