The Rift of Giving

I graduated from the University of Texas and though I have been contacted by them to donate money to it, I haven't to date.  The reasons are numerous as to why I refuse to do so.  The main one would have to be that the football program (National Champs!) generates enough income to keep the lights on in the new buildings that keep popping up on campus. 

One night last year, shortly after dinner the phone rang.  It was none other than the College of Natural Sciences asking for our hard earned money.  It's natural that they would call me since I have a degree in Microbiology from them.  I explained to the nice young telemarketer that I would start donating money when the College stopped being so dogmatic in its teaching of evolution.  He expressed similar sentiments which more than likely was a ruse.  When they train them one of the things that they probably tell them is to empathize with the poor suckers at the other end of the line, so as to get funds. 

So why do I bring this up?  Well Dr. Olasky wrote a column regarding alumni giving which I thought made some good points.  I recently purchased one of his books, "The Religions Next Door," which I am very much looking forward to reading.


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