One reason to watch 20/20

John Stossel is hilarious.  He speaks of the mainstream media and he works for ABC.  He's dead on in this column.   Makes you wonder just what the media is trying to do to our sanity. 


2 Responses to One reason to watch 20/20

  1. kena says:

    john stossel is an idiot.
    i’m not at all denying that a population kept in fear is advantageous for many; but that is not to say that the products of our civilization do not poison us. if he had lived 60 years ago he would have scoffed at those quack doctors who said smoking gives you lung cancer or that drinking during pregnancy was harmful to the fetus.

  2. Lazaro says:

    What’s wrong with John Stossel? Ok I’ll give you the fact that he’s got the Keith Hernandez ‘stache but it’s no reason to hold that against the man. By the way what was the reaction by the AMA when these ‘quack doctors’ claimed that smoking caused cancer?

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