Belief affects behavior? Not if society can help it…

Another tidbit from Chuck Colson (this one I think is from "Being the Body," though I'm not sure):

You are free to believe what you want, of course, so long as it doesn't affect how you behave.

He's referring to what is a common attitude held by postmodern culture towards convictions and deeply held beliefs.  Yeah sure believe what you wish just don't let that belief seep into your everyday life.  What's a source of amusement to me is that if one believes in nothing then you're still acting upon a set of beliefs (unbelief, after all is a belief system.) 

The contradiction is delicious, much like the following:  "There are no absolutes"  or "Intolerance will not be tolerated"


2 Responses to Belief affects behavior? Not if society can help it…

  1. kena says:

    its funny how that happens. people are ridiculous. they need to stop pretending that this free and open society stuff is a load of bull. your free to speak your mind until your message actually looks like its rousing the masses.

    the real irony however is that post-modernists and christians are two sides of the same coin. Christians very rarely (with the exception for C.S. Lewis) will be able to discuss about a world without the existance of the Judeo-Christian God with non-believers. There simply is not crossing that boundry and therefore no discussion.
    Post-modernists will not tolerate a discussion in the validity of one world view over another even though in refusing to do so they are acting out their own rigid world view.

    the fallacy lies in people staking the claim of “open mindedness.” there is no such thing.

  2. Lazaro says:

    By the way, you forgot Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill (Acts 17), in addition to your mentioning of CS Lewis

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