Top Ten Conspiracy theories

Dr. Adams wrote a column about some very interesting conspiracy theories.  My personal favorite is #1.


3 Responses to Top Ten Conspiracy theories

  1. kena says:

    i honestly thing this guy's making up these "conspiracy theories." he's hyperbolizing them to make them seem ridiculous. a less famous john stossel.

    there is extensive evidence that shows that crack cocaine was introduced into black neighborhoods in L.A. by the CIA to dilute the effects of black organizing, i.e. the black panther party. they were after all a community organizing force. they started by carrying unconcealed, un-loaded weapons (which was NOT illegal in california at the time) and being present with LAPD so that they couldnt get away with s**t. When they became more prominant, they were taken out.
    this isnt a some crazy conspiracy theory. just like the deliberate assasinations of bpp leaders by the FBI. ever heard of COINTELPRO? The extensive organizing of the 50's-70's freaked out the FBI because they actually had wide spread support. People who presented a real threat as far as effecting change were taken out and/or discredited.

    why are people so loathe to believe that the government, ANY government would take out groups they saw as threats? It's happened since there have been organized ruling bodies and dissidents, why the hell wouldnt it happen today?
    seriously, i sometimes wonder if people dont know b/c they dont want to know, or if they really have never heard about these things.

  2. Lazaro says:

    Ok first thing is first. True, Dr. Adams could be making all this stuff up, sure, why not? I can’t prove his statements so I’ll give you that. However I have heard some of these claims made by other sources.

    I’ll even grant you that the CIA scattered glass pipes, crack, and cheap lighters all over Compton. HOWEVER, someone still has to pick up the little glass bulb, flick the lighter on and inhale. Personal responsiblity (an endangered species nowadays, see Patrick Kennedy) is still where the buck stops. Until the CIA goes to Compton to pick up people and force them to smoke crack at gunpoint (or crack pipe point for that matter), then I’ll dismiss the conspiracy as another moonbatty notion that sprout like weeds at university campuses.

    I have not heard of COINTELPRO but I’ll look into it since we can trust everything we read on the internet (especially wikipedia). I’m not loathe to believe that governments do shady things, let’s not forget Hitler’s eugenics and Stalin’s fascination with sending dissidents to the gulag. Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite humanitarian, Mao, and his ‘cultural revolution.’

    Truly though, when I read the column, some of the theories (which I will trust that Adams has really heard in the hallowed halls of academia) made me think about Ron’s narcotic induced dissertation in Dazed and Confused. You know the rant on George and Martha Washington being aliens and pot farmers.

  3. kena says:

    i relate a conversation i had this weekend concerning "personal responsability"
    did you know that in Brownsville-Valley metroplex, there is something ridiculous like 2 obgyn's? I s**t you not. It's one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. we could be stupid racists and say brown people don't know anybetter but to breed or we could acknowledge that all the teenagers, or just women getting knocked up by accident have an extreme dearth of options and education to seek others.
    these women, and any others, (i'm thinking particularly of all the black and hispanic and poor white girls getting pregant) are not better or worse morally than the women who have access to resources like planned parenthood for birth control. Here, the difference is largely circumstantial. Yes, you could say that the girls could acknowledge their lack of resources and say, hmm, i better not have sex then. But what's sad about that is that now, with abstinence only health education, its doubtful girls even know enough about their own fertility to make that statement.

    it becomes much harder to assign personal responsability when the starting points are so unequal. the kids in schools that do not offer any AP or advanced courses are at an automatic disadvantage than the kids in schools like westlake. yes, both schools are going to have studious and slacker kids but already, the starting point is different.

    lets venture outside the united states. kids in the infamous slums of brazil. There is a lack of basic services in many cases, no running water, elect. Gangs fill the spot of the state, giving employment, acting as law makers and enforcers, sometimes randomly. Most kids dont make it though elementary, much less high school. The mortality rate is extremely high, especially among black adolescent males. The police conduct raids on a regular basis shooting indiscriminantly at "suspects" (black and brown adolescent males), most of the time for not solid reason, no warrant, no nothing. you tell me, what percentage of a given favela's kids are actually going to make it out of there? are they all just lazy? unambitious? unintelligent? RESOUCES AND CIRCUMSTANCE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. not everyone can be a football star, rapper or model.

    to touch back on crack, the effects of the drug were compounded by the fact that the people using it didnt have the money to bail their family out or pay for lawyers like white families do in suburbia. Have you any idea how many kids i knew in high school that got busted for drugs but paid their way out? what about the fact that in the 80's (and today for that matter) cocaine became the drug of choice for elites, usually white. so why is it that we dont have a huge population of rich white acccountants, bankers, lawyers, in prison serving time? do you think the cops were busy busting up penthouse coke parties or parties in south central? not to mention that crack and cocaine have astoundingly different punishments.

    i saw an interview with the ex-chief of police of rio, helio luz. he was speaking incredibly candidly about the situation concerning the drug trade. he flat out said there was not a demand for an honest police force. what people want is the slums to be contained. he also pointed out that people do not actually want to stop the drug trade b/c that would mean the police would have to arrest all the rich, usually white people who use drugs.

    one last note, its interesting the examples you use for "shady things." Hitler and Stalin, two well known "evil" people who led their governments tyrannically. do you remember your favorite word, hegemony? the genius of hegemony is that force or overt coersion are used very sparingly, instead, it is a value system that is implemented that controls the population. maybe not deliberately, but its definitely there. People do crazier stuff sometimes in pursuit or in following the American Dream than they ever did under Nazi Germany.

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